Manufacturing silicone coated paper and film of the highest quality for half a century.


Committed to our surroundings

Our commitment to the community

We are committed to the environment and believe in creating wealth and employment for the benefit of our society. Itasa focuses its efforts on improving the socio-economic state of its surroundings.

Supporting responsible environmental policies, for the benefit of all

Itasa is recognized with several certifications for its commitment to the reduction of environmental impact from our activities.

We monitor the air quality in our processes, emissions, noise, chemical substance handling, etc. Our environmental management is supervised by authorized organisms. We believe that our commitment to the environment is an essential practice that ultimate benefits our surroundings.

  • Quality, environmental and STT policies [download]
  • Environmental declaration [download]
  • Mativ ESG Commitment Message [download]

Robust processes & management systems


ITASA Americas:


Sustainability Development Policy

Download: Sustainability Development Policy

Non-Financial Information Statement

Download: Non-Financial Information Statement