Manufacturing silicone coated paper and film of the highest quality for half a century.

Paper & PET


Paper & PET.
Performance beyond what’s visible

Itasas’s release liners are engineered solutions designed for high-performance uses, catering to pressure-sensitive scenarios requiring smooth polyester surfaces and demanding industries where precision and reliability are paramount. With a relentless focus on quality and innovation, our release liners are crafted to meet the diverse requirements of various industries, providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and performance across a broad spectrum of applications.

Experience excellence with our customizable release options, featuring market-standard thickness options ranging from 12 to 125 µm on PET substrates and 25 to 180 GSM on paper substrates. Whether you require minimum width upon request or a maximum width of up to 2,300mm, we’ve got you covered.

Versatility In Substrates.

Explore further with our eco-friendly substrates, featuring substrates containing up to 100% PCR fibers to minimize waste; and carbon neutral substrates for a cleaner environment that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our customers.

Coating Mastery.

Our liners boast solvent-less, thermally cured silicone formulations, offering improved environmental and operational performance, including optimum lay-flat properties, stability of release value, and consistent release over time.

Feel The Chemistry.

Our liners provide excellent thermal and dimensional stability, ensuring optimum flatness and customized release options, from easy to tight release (C1S) to differential (C2S).


High-Performance Applications.

Dive into the World of High-Performance Applications with Itasa’s Paper & PET-based Release Liners. With 50 years of expertise, Itasa has been manufacturing release liners of the highest quality, developing custom-made solutions tailored to the specific needs of various demanding industries.

We leverage our extensive experience to meet the needs of the most demanding industries, providing specific, high-quality products to each of our clients. From our production plants in Spain and Mexico, we offer a full range of paper and PET-based release liners worldwide.



Base paper Width (mm) GSM
Clay Coated Kraft 12-2300 40-180
BCK (Barrier Coated Kraft) 12-2300 120-135
PE Coated Kraft (1S/2S PCK) 12-2300 50-130
Machine Glazed / Finished 12-2300 30-60
SCK 12-2300 40-160
Glassine 12-2300 40-160
Kraft 12-2300 40-90
Latex Saturated 12-2300 65-105
SCK Futura Liner 12-2300 50-85
PCR Futura Liner 12-2300 55-80


Film Width (mm) Substance (μm)
PET 12-2300 12-125 (μm)
PET PCR Futura Liner 12-2300 12-125 (μm)