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Introducing IS
Itasa and sustainability

IS – the embodiment of Itasa’s commitment to SUSTAINABILITY. IS is much more than just a name; it’s a symbol of innovation, stewardship, and progress towards a greener future. It represents our unwavering dedication to fostering environmental responsibility in every aspect of our operations. IS embodies the collective efforts of our team, partners, and stakeholders as we strive to make a positive impact on the planet. With IS, we embark on a journey of sustainable development, empowering communities, preserving natural resources, and shaping a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. Join us as we endeavor to transform sustainability from a mere goal into a tangible reality, one achievement at a time.

Sustainability embedded in everything we do.

Step into our world of relentless commitment to sustainable development, where we focus on three core pillars: CO2e & energy, fiber & water and investments & innovation.

CO2e and Energy Efficiency.

In our pursuit of CO2e and Energy Efficiency, we’ve made significant strides. Our production process is powered by 100% green electricity sourced from sustainable, renewable energy sources since 2022. Additionally, Mativ’s investment in a Biomass Power Plant in France that replaces fossil-based fuels, demonstrates our strong dedication to both reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing overall sustainability.

Fiber & water sustainability.

Fiber & water sustainability is at the heart of our operations. Our trusted partners provide us with paper sourced entirely from certified and monitored forests. They actively contribute to reforestation efforts and participate in global initiatives aimed at cleaning up wastewater. As active members of CELAB, we advocate for a circular economy, promoting the repulpability and recyclability of release liners.

Investments & innovation.

At Itasa, we believe in driving change through innovation, technological advancement, and eco-friendly solutions. Our environmental tracking efforts ensure that our progress is science-based and measurable, while innovative technology at Itasa minimizes silicone consumption without compromising quality.

Join us at the forefront of sustainable development, where we’re not only reducing raw material use but also optimizing energy consumption. Our commitment extends beyond environmental sustainability to community empowerment. We strive to create wealth and employment for the benefit of society, supporting responsible environmental policies and earning recognition through various certifications.

Our commitment to the community

We are committed to the environment and believe in creating wealth and employment for the benefit of our society. Itasa focuses its efforts on improving the socio-economic state of its surroundings.

Supporting responsible environmental policies, for the benefit of all

Itasa is recognized with several certifications for its commitment to the reduction of environmental impact from our activities.

We monitor the air quality in our processes, emissions, noise, chemical substance handling, etc. Our environmental management is supervised by authorized organisms. We believe that our commitment to the environment is an essential practice that ultimate benefits our surroundings.

  • Quality, environmental and STT policies [download]
  • Environmental declaration [download]
  • Mativ ESG Commitment Message [download]

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