Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper and film of the highest quality.



Our business


At Itasa, we have been manufacturing high quality release liners for a variety of applications and industries, since 1974. Today we are considered a global reference in the release liner market.

Our success is the result of a continuous investment made to strengthen our presence across five continents. We have a very strong position in Europe and U.S.A. and become progressively stronger in the Middle East, Asia and South America.

We focus on our customers, offering them the best service with maximum flexibility and personalized solutions. Our philosophy consists of being “a strong team player” and we support “hand in hand” teamwork, being known for our great ability to adapt.

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  • Turnover 2019: 105 M€.
  • Growth between 2013 and 2018: over 80%.
  • Expected growth between 2017 and 2021: over 50%.
  • Annual production capacity over 1 billion sqm.
  • Human assets: 220 dedicated employees.
  • Core business: Release liner specialist.
  • Production plants in Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico.


Our vision and strategy


Neenah’s vision is to manufacture growth – for our people, customers, end-users and shareholders.

Our strategy is to drive long-term value creation in by accelerating performance in our four targeted growth platforms.

Digital and Specialty Coatings is one of our four platforms, and Itasa is a leading global coater and converter of release liners.

Our technology

1989 1997 2007 2011 2019 2023 12 slitters/rewinders
M2 (Spain) M3 (Spain) M4 (Spain) M5 (Spain) M7 (Mexico) M8 (Mexico)
Solvent-free Solvent-free Solvent-free Solvent-free Solvent-free Solvent-free
Paper Paper Paper & Film Paper & Film Paper & Film Paper & Film Paper & Film
1,650mm 1,650mm 2,300mm 1,650mm 1,700mm 1,700mm 12mm – 2,300mm
350m/min 500m/min 800m/min 1,000m/min 1,000m/min 1,000m/min
In-line flexo printing In-line flexo printing Off-line flexo printing

Our evolution

  • 1974 Arocena & Pagola families founded ITASA.

  • 1989
    Between 1989 and 2007 three latest technology silicone machines are installed.

  • 2010 In 2010 warehouse space doubles in order to keep up with the remarkable growth of the business.

  • 2011 Towards the end of 2011 the company broadens its production capacity with a fourth silicone machine with a speed of 1,000 meters per minute and a width of 1.65 meters. Itasa manages to manufacture a wide range of widths, up to 2.3 meters.

  • 2012
    Installation of the Flexo Offline printer, with an overall speed of 800 meters per minute.
    In 2013, Itasa incorporates a new packaging line and two Euromac slitter-rewinders.

  • 2014 Itasa expands its facilities in Andoain to make room for future incorporations within its commercial and administrative teams.
    At the same time, it increases the surface space for laboratories and tests.

  • 2015 New ERP system. Web detection devices installed on two machines.

  • 2016 Acquisition in Asia reinforcing Itasa’s global position.
    Extension of product range to filmic liners.
    Magnum Capital acquires a majority stake in Itasa. The transaction is a strong validation of Itasa’s growth plan.

  • 2018 New production facility in Queretaro (Mexico).

  • 2021 Itasa acquired by Neenah Inc., a leading global manufacturer of specialty materials serving customers across six continents, with headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, USA.