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Futura Liners.
Most sustainable & suitable solutions.

At Itasa, we’re not just providing solutions; we’re pioneering the most sustainable and suitable options available in the market today. By delving deep into the value chain and understanding our customers’ needs, we continuously strive to develop products that not only prioritize environmental friendliness but also aim to enhance our customers’ businesses.

Where Sustainability Meets Suitability.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our production process. Futura Liners are crafted using a diverse range of recycled base papers, coatings derived from renewable resources, and manufacturing processes designed to minimize environmental impact. As a result, Futura liners boast a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to standard release liners, aligning with our mission to prioritize the planet while meeting business demands.

Explore our EcoDesign Solutions.

Discover our comprehensive EcoDesign Solutions, where sustainability meets innovation. Our range includes lighter weight liners, prioritizing material reduction without sacrificing performance; recycled raw materials based liners; and, recyclable liners, designed to foster circularity by facilitating easy recycling after use.

Discover our Eco-Friendly Base Papers.

Explore further with our eco-friendly substrates, featuring substrates containing up to 100% PCR fibers to minimize waste; and carbon neutral substrates for a cleaner environment that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our customers.


Experience our Environmentally Friendly Coatings.

Experience our environmentally friendly coatings, including low environmental impact silicones and non-fossil based silicones, chosen to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.


Product Range GSM Color Printing
SCK Futura Liner 12-2300 40-85 GSM All industrial colors are available* Off-line / Inline
PCR Futura Liner 12-2300 55–80 Recycled white Off-line / Inline
PET PCR Futura Liner 12-2300 12-125 all industrial colors Off-line / Inline

*contact us for MOQ requirements