Manufacturing silicone coated paper and film of the highest quality for half a century.

The most reliable paper and film release liners_2

For over 40 years, Itasa has been manufacturing silicone release liners of the highest quality, developing custom made solutions.

At Itasa, we place all of our experience into responding to the needs of the most demanding industries, offering specific, high quality products to each of them.

We offer a full range of paper and film based release liners worldwide from our production plants based in Spain and Mexico.


Base paper Width (mm) Substance (g/m2)
Clay Coated Kraft 12-2300 40-180
PE Coated Kraft (1S/2S PCK) 12-2300 50-130
Machine Glazed / Finished 12-2300 30-60
SCK 12-2300 40-160
Glassine 12-2300 40-160
Kraft 12-2300 40-90
Latex Saturated 12-2300 65-105


Film Width (mm) Substance (μm)
PET 12-2300 12-200


Together with customers, suppliers and partners in the science community we are co-creating new specialties through an integrated value creation network. Our Itasa CoLab innovation hub opens the doors of sustainability through reusability and recyclability based solutions.
These liners are produced with a wide range of recycled base papers, coatings made from up to 100% renewable resources and low environmental impact manufacturing processes. As a result, Futura Liners ensure a lower carbon footprint than standard release liners.

Product Range GSM Color Printing
SCK Futura Liner 12-2300 40–140 All industrial colors are available* Off-line / Inline
PCR Futura Liner 12-2300 55–80 Recycled white Off-line / Inline

*contact us for MOQ requirements