Manufacturing silicone coated paper and film of the highest quality for half a century.

Silicone film and paper production with THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY

Silicone film and paper production with THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY image, Itasa.

At the new plant, we will have the capacity to produce the entire range of solutions in our catalog, using the most advanced technology on the market and in accordance with the same quality standards as our headquarters in Spain.

Production capacity UNIQUE IN LATIN AMERICA

ITASA has chosen Querétaro because it is the perfect location to increase our presence in Latin American and the United States.

  • Investment: €20M
  • Production capacity: 150Mm2
  • Production area: 6,000 m2
  • Employees: 50

Competitive service TO THE ENTIRE CONTINENT

The new plant will give service to the entire continent and will strenghten ITASA´s role as a global manufacturer and supplier of release liners.


  • August 2018: Completion of production building.
  • October 2018: Cutting and printing operations start at the new plant.
  • February 2019: Silicone process starts. Complete production process in Querétaro.

Investment and expansion to give better service to OUR CUSTOMERS

“The construction of a new plant in Mexico addresses the need to provide customers with highly competitive services in a global environment.

The creation of a production facility for ITASA in the Americas is in line with our internationalization strategy and will contribute to our vision of being global leaders in the growing market for release liners”.