Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality



Our extensive experience provides us with great understanding of the needs of the envelope and packing list industry. Product quality and cost savings make the difference when it comes to selecting a trusted provider such as Itasa in this sector.

We offer standard or improved barrier properties in order to achieve optimal adhesive protection.

Our key is maximum flexibility, thanks to the great in-line and off-line printing capability and our continued investment in increased output.

We produce a wide range of trustworthy products so as to offer thin liners and consistent release in order to guarantee maximum speed at the point of production of envelopes or packing list pockets.

Product Silicone coating Range GSM Color Printing
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range White Off-line In-line
CLAY COATED KRAFT (CCK) - 15 2,300 40-70
GLASSINE - 15 2,300 40-60

Printing is possible either under silicone (off-line) or on backside.
In-line printing is possible depending on width combination and minimum production run.
These are our most standard combinations. M.O.Q may be requested for less standard combinations.
Release levels on either side can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Product Silicone coating Range μm Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range W TRANSP R B G BL MET.
PET 20 2,300 23-30 - - - -
OPP/BOPP 20 2,300 20-40 - - - -

W: White | TRANSP: Transparent | R: Red | B: Black | G: Green | BL: Blue | MET: Metallized