Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality



Safely adapting to the rhythm of change in a constantly innovating sector are keys to success in this field. We have become a trusted partner in this industry, thanks to our customer-oriented focus. We offer maximum flexibility in liner design, in order to offer consistency, special printing and silicone coatings that prevent contamination of the adhesives used in the final product.

We create customized solutions to satisfy the most demanding of customers, manufacturing sophisticated products with high added value. We rely on a production area that is adapted to the requirements of this sector in our cutting edge facilities. High quality base paper is the starting point for a wide range of applications, from Trans Dermal patches to advanced wound care, as well as polyurethane castings or surgical drapes. We offer the possibility of one color print for product differentiation under silicone or on the back side of the liner.

Product Silicone coating Range GSM Color Printing
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range White Yellow Havana Brown Off-line In-line
GLASSINE 15 2,300 50-120 - - -
CLAY COATED KRAFT (CCK) 15 2,300 40-90 - - -
PE COATED KRAFT (PEK) - 15 2,300 50-90 - - -
SCK - 15 2,300 65-163 - - -
Product Silicone coating Range μm Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range W TRANSP R B G BL B/W
PET 20 2,300 25-75 - - - - -
OPP/BOPP 20 2,300 30-75 - - - - - -

W: White | TRANSP: Transparent | R: Red | B: Black | G: Green | BL: Blue | B/W: Black and White

These are our most standard combinations. M.O.Q may be requested for less standard combinations.
Release levels on either side can be adjusted to your specific needs.