Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality



We offer responses to all needs of label production for distinct uses and applications. We adapt production to the specific needs of our customers, with flexibility, fast responsiveness and service being the key elements for a customer to manufacture labels in reels or sheets.

Our strength lays in consistent essential parameters (release force, porosity, caliper) guaranteeing optimal processing speed and reducing waste during label production. To achieve this we have strict process controls in place that ensure stable release and levels, adjusted to a wide range of adhesives.

Product Silicone coating Range Weight Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range White Yellow Havana Brown
GLASSINE - 15 2,300 40-140
CLAY COATED KRAFT (CCK) - 15 2,300 40-135 - - -
THERMAL PAPER LINERLESS - 20 2,300 75-85 - - -
Product Silicone coating Range μm Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range W TRANSP R B G BL B/W
PET - 20 2,300 12-38 - - - - - -

W: White | TRANSP: Transparent | R: Red | B: Black | G: Green | BL: Blue | B/W: Black and White

These are our most standard combinations. M.O.Q may be requested for less standard combinations.
Release levels on either side can be adjusted to your specific needs.