Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality



We offer a wide range of products for diverse industrial applications, adapted to the concrete needs of our customers. We offer solutions with consistent release on one or two sides, based on the design of release formulations and differentials via collaboration with customers.

We rely on a full range of paper substrates to handle a large variety of processes based on our extensive experience supplying materials based on specific needs.


Itasa adapts to the requirements of a highly competitive global market such as the automotive industry, offering products for the insulation and soundproofing of vehicles as well as for the carpeting of their interiors.

Fulfilling demanding requirements and providing excellent customer service are keys to successfully working with this industry.


We support the solar energy industry, looking to the future, in which demands for material quality and mechanical resistance are keys to success. Itasa is the company to rely on when coating EVA to manufacture solar panels.

Construction and insulation

We offer customized solutions for the construction sector, producing release liners used in the process of manufacturing bituminous membranes, tape and insulation panels.

Product Silicone coating Range GSM Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range White Yellow Havana Brown
GLASSINE 15 2,300 60-160
CLAY COATED KRAFT (CCK) 15 2,300 40-135 - - -
PE COATED KRAFT (PEK) - 15 2,300 60-120 - -
MACHINE GLAZED BLEACHED KRAFT (MG) - 15 2,300 35-70 - - -
Product Silicone coating Range μm Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range W TRANSP R B G BL B/W
LD/HDPE 20 2,300 40-120 -
PET 20 2,300 25-100 - - -
OPP/BOPP 20 2,300 30-60 - - - - -

W: White | TRANSP: Transparent | R: Red | B: Black | G: Green | BL: Blue | B/W: Black and White

These are our most standard combinations. M.O.Q may be requested for less standard combinations. Release levels on either side can be adjusted to your specific needs.