Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality

Graphic Arts


We specialize in release liners for Graphic Arts products, achieving outstanding results for top advertising, signs, labelling projects, etc.

We manufacture liners that are designed to cope with the process requirements of plotters and digital printing. Our product range is the result of a careful selection of base paper, in order to provide excellent uniformity and dimensional stability. We offer solutions with adjustable release and back side treatment to prevent ink transfer to the decorative film.

Product Silicone coating Range GSM Color Printing
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range White Yellow Havana Brown Off-line In-line
CLAY COATED KRAFT (CCK) - 15 2.300 40-140 - - -
PE COATED KRAFT (PEK) - 15 2.300 40-135 - - -
GLASSINE - 15 2.300 60-120 - - -
Product Silicone coating Range μm Color
1 Side 2 Sides Min Max Range W TRANSP R B G BL B/W
CPP 20 2.300 50-80 - - - - -

W: White | TRANSP: Transparent | R: Red | B: Black | G: Green | BL: Blue | B/W: Black and White

Printing is possible either under silicone (off-line) or on backside.
In-line printing is possible depending on width combination and minimum production run.
These are our most standard combinations. M.O.Q may be requested for less standard combinations.
Release levels on either side can be adjusted to your specific needs.