Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality

Our Keys



Our facts

We base our strategy on forming a team with our customers, proposing improvements, listening to their needs with quality and flexibility, but above all, actively committing to a common future project.

Our management model

Itasa follows a unique management model based on cost control, quality and flexibility, responding to the market needs. This has allowed for rapid global expansion and an excellent acceptance by all industries. The key to the success of this model is being capable of adapting the offer to the customer’s desires, as quickly as possible and with maximum quality.


Supporting the development of products together with our customers has been a key to the success of Itasa, allowing us to gain a great technical knowledge in order to create customized solutions.

We achive excellence by adapting our release liners to the individual needs of each application.

On the other hand, financial stability has converted Itasa in an attractive company for suppliers, providing us with the privilege of developing products directly with them.

Of course, we cannot forget our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

At Itasa, we believe in a sound business culture:

  • Strategic customer knowledge
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Generate benefits and support future-oriented industries