Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality

A strong team player

At Itasa, we have been manufacturing high quality release liners for a variety of applications and industries, since 1974. Today we are considered a global reference in the release liner market.

Our success is the result of a continuous investment made to strengthen our presence across five continents. We have a very strong position in Europe and U.S.A. and become progressively stronger in the Middle East, Asia and South America.

We focus on our customers, offering them the best service with maximum flexibility and personalized solutions.Our philosophy consists of being “a strong team player” and we support “hand in hand” teamwork, being known for our great ability to adapt.

Personalized and specialized release liner solutions with top service and maximum flexibility

The Team


At Itasa we work together in order to offer our customers the best quality and service. For this, we rely on a professional and motivated team.

Itasa has grown in size while managing to maintain its spirit, offering its services wherever customers may be located. We achieve this through a multicultural, multilingual multilingual team, as well as specialized agents.

Thanks to this philosophy, we have managed to create a team that is committed to both the company project and its customers. This commitment is found in all organizational areas and all our actions.