Over 40 years manufacturing silicone coated paper of the highest quality

Reliability is confidence

The high quality and reliability of our silicone paper liners is our key

Leading investment

Itasa is the company which has allocated the most resources to incorporating new machinery in the sector
Personalized service

Manufacturing capacity and personalization

We have an annual manufacturing capacity of 600 million sqm adapted to the needs of our most demanding customers.

Global presence

We are close to the production centres of our international customers

  • Self-adhesive tape

    Customized solutions for the self-adhesive tape industry.

  • Graphic Arts

    We specialize in release liners for Graphic Arts products.]

  • Labels

    Solutions for each label production need.

  • Composites

    Maximum safety, stability and resistance to temperature variations.

  • Industry

    Wide range of products for diverse industrial applications.

  • Hygiene

    Silicone solutions for the hygiene industry.

  • Shipment

    Extensive experience in the envelope and packing list industry.

  • Medical

    Maximum flexibility.

  • Other industrial uses

    Products for any industry that may require silicone liners.

  • Our production capacity combined with our logistics capability allow us to meet the specific needs of each customer.