40 años fabricando soportes siliconados de la más alta calidad

(En) ITASA enhances its product range for Sporting Goods: Focus Asia

In the past 40 years, Itasa has stablished a leading position supplying release liners worldwide. The unique characteristics of Asian producers have led to the development of a dedicated range of release papers and films. Our solution meets all the requirements of reverse coating used by Asian converters, by providing a low coefficient of friction. Our solvent-free chemistry reduces prepreg contamination and FOD risks versus existing solutions.

We especially design products according to local climatic conditions, with a careful selection of base papers providing high dimensional stability and lay flat.

Itasa offers versatile liners, with optimum performance and adapted to each process with an absolute degree of personalization that allows each customer to define the required release values and release differentials.

ITASA range for composites: